Marijke de Goey
Born 1947, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Both her work range and media are wide, it includes bridges, trains, squares, poetry and jewellery.

She studied at the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam between 1974-79. Since this time she has worked on locations world around on large scale sculpture projects within, and around architecture; with sculpture in a gallery setting and on a smaller scale with her innovative jewellery.

In 1985 she received the Art Award of the City of Gouda and in 1986 she was the recipient of the Francoise van den Bosch Award, Boijmans-van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam. In 2001 she was honoured with the Royal Degree Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion and in 2002 1st Art Price at 13th Biennale Poland. She gives lectures, seminars and workshops in different universities in Holland and abroad, e.g. in Tel Aviv, Moscow, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Graz, Munich, Copenhagen and Auckland.

Her notable architectural projects include: the Town Square at Leerdam (1992) the Butterfly Orbit (1998) and Dragonfly Orbit (2000) in Graz, Austria; in 1999 The Mermaid sculpture for the Keystone Trust, Auckland, New Zealand; in 2000 L'Arche Kubuspoort Amsterdam; and the Bridge De Balij Delft-Zoetermeer; in 2001 Marsupilamis sculpture Heerlen; in 2002 Upbeat sculpture Amsterdam; in 2003 Waterfall in the lounge of the Cumberland Hotel in London; and Wallsculpture and two sandstoned glass panels at the Royal Bank of Scotland; in 2004 Mi casa es su casa for the City Hall of Smallingerland; in 2005 Chandelier for Ernst & Young Rotterdam and in 2006 Acoustic sculptures, Red and Yellow, for the Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology and Micro Compact Home in cooperation with Richard Horden, München, London, St. Moritz; in 2007 The Alchemist sculpture for the Faculty of Geosciences, Delft University of Technology; Stalagmite sculpture, Aegon, Budapest, Hungary; in 2008 Vertigo3, Technical Pavilions, Hellevoetsluis and The Secret of the Nano, Nano at the North Sea facility, Delft.

She has exhibited widely within Europe and the USA; with major exhibitions at the Bertha Urdang Gallery, New York in 1984 & 1986; the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam in 1989 & 1998; Sotheby’s London in 2003; Sotheby’s Amsterdam in 2005; Repetitions, travelling exhibitions of jewellery in the USA and Canada and Body Language - Jewellery and Accessories at the Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York. More recent exhibitions have taken place at the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam co-exhibited Basel and Paris - and the Tobu Gallery, Tokyo. In 2006 and 2007 exhibitions have taken place at Gallery PORTA in Belgrade and Dom Arte, Rucphen. To be expected are in 2008 - apart from exhibitions in Holland - a duo exhibition in Aedes, Berlin with architect Jeanne Dekkers. Two new sculptures will be placed in Hellevoetssluis (Vertigo 3) and Delft (The secret of the Nano) Currently Marijke de Goey is working on the redesign of the interior of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. She is participating in the art competition “The Gates of Friesland” (Province of Friesland), with Schwencke Rosbach Architects and ‘The Wero Bridge’ with TILT Group; Auckland, New Zealand. In 2008 she participated in the exhibition Home Delivery with architect Richard Horden, MoMA, New York.

In 2009 Marijke de Goey participated in the competitions The Wero Bridge, Auckland, New Zealand; Brisbane Supreme Court, UK; Situate, International Sculpture competition for civic space, Australie. Amongst recent exhibitions are those in Galerie Gorinchem and Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Holland. She is participating in a project Light on the IJ, Amsterdam with exhibition in 2010. She appeared in the film Find the Orchard of Kees Hin with Patricia Kennedy. And finally her sculpture Secret of the Nano was reveiled in Delft, Holland.

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