1999. Zutphen, The Netherlands

The Australian aboriginals say out of respect for mother earth, 'touch the earth lightly'. In the same way this work of art envisions coming into contact with the building ever so slightly, 'touch the architecture lightly'.

It emphasises the strong character of the modern hi-tech building by architect Pjotr Hammel. An artwork must attest to the permanent value of beauty; a product of its time and timeless. 

The clarity and recognition of the artwork and the interior of the building are completely united. Thus, the grand gesture of the sculpture, which starts in the central hall, curves around the stairwells and spears like a pointed flame through the top of the roof. 

The enormous spatiality of this artwork not only emphasises the architecture of the hall but also the rooms behind it. 

The visual transformation of the 73 metres long sculpture is also experienced due to the liveliness architecture commands. From the old building it looks like an enormous voluptuous flight path of a butterfly, which comes to rest in one point. The sculpture is crowned by neon and manifests itself in a special way by night and by day.

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