MDG Lotusbloem 2

The Lotus Flower

2016 — 2019. Onderbanken, The Netherlands

Late 2015, through architect Jo Coenen of IBA Parkstad, I was brought into contact with the Province of Limburg, which will build a new high-speed roundabout at Schinveld, municipality of Onderbanken.

The bicycle bridge I designed will traverse the high-speed roundabout, in total approximately 260 m long. As you drive out of the romantic countryside of Limburg, but also when you enter Limburg from Germany, the bridge will welcome you. For both the cyclist and the motorist displacement causes a visual change of the sculpture resulting in a continuous dynamic image.

As an artist you are occupied with beauty and space. To create a bridge you need engineers who studied at a technical university and know the rules of the game (for example slope, et cetera). For this purpose, I invited ipv Delft. The first two months I designed the bridge with my atelier, greatly aided by Mick Eekhout and Ronald Visser: engineers who can place themselves in the position of the artist. 

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