Ede Waterdrop 1


1990. Ede, The Netherlands

The water drop in Ede, next to expressway A12, close to the exit Ede/Wageningen, consists of two large blue steel arches made of round tubes.

As soon as darkness falls, the sculpture is additionally accentuated with blue neon. It is hardly a sculpture but a sign, a symbol. A sign stands for something. A sculpture is autonomous but sometimes also has a meaning. In this case it represents the longitudinal section of a ‘water drop’, for underneath the large bank is the water reservoir of Hoekelum as large as 26 water towers. This sign is executed with the slenderness of a pencil which forms two arches in the air, but ten thousand times larger than a single water drop: 83 meters long and 10 meters high. The sculpture is the image of an immense water drop. Furthermore, this reservoir above ground is an illusion as the real storage is underground. An illusion is a phantasy of a reality not yet come into being.

On top of the bank Professor Piet Zonderwijk sowed very special indigenous flowers, which created with the water reservoir, bank, and the Water Drop a wonderful whole. Jointly with film makers Maartje Seyferth and Victor Nieuwenhuijs, a very special 16mm-film was made about this visually changing piece of art, with the title: ‘Lijn, Ruimte, Illusie’ (Line, Space, Illusion).

The commissioner Herman Rotermundt, one of the directors of Nuon, empathized very well what needed to be done. When it became clear that the Water Drop needed to be repainted, he felt that it would be better to wait till next spring. This is a sign of understanding. Unfortunately, Herman cannot enjoy the Water Drop any more as he passed away. 

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